"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.​" - J.C.


Nice to meet you! I am Keiko, a dedicated natural therapist based in Barcelona. Though I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine as a base, most of my treatment techniques are Japanese style - noninvasive treatments with Okyu (Japanese moxibustion) and Mukaino Method (movement and meridian test), and acupuncture using very fine needles. I see the body as a whole; physically, mentally and emotionally which doesn't exclude face - face can tell me a lot about you. That's why I love to give a facial treatment. Whether your main purpose of the visit is to improve your health condition or to keep looking young, I always begin my treatment with a consulting to understand and find the best solution for each patient.   
Grew up in Japan, lived in the USA for more than a decade before transfer to Spain. My unique background and experience help me to grow and understand "to live the best", and of course, I am still learning.
Currently, work in Barcelona and collaborating with 
Okyu-do, Yuki Itaya, DAOM, based in the UK to organize seminars and retreats in Europe. Also a trustee of 
Moxafrica.org which is a nonprofit organization to help cure TB using moxibustion treatment. 
Contact number: 685-047-369
Speak English, Spanish and Japanese